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HYSOLIS|4500Wh Expansion Battery Pack for MPS3K Power Station

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Power your world with the MPS3K. Heavy duty. Reliable. Tons of power. 4.5 kWh Lithium battery bank made by CATL (they make Tesla’s EV car batteries)

Expansion battery pack for MPS3K-4500 unit


Expansion battery pack for MPS3K-4500 unit.


  • 4.5 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity with >2000 Life Cycles.
  • Built-in 600W DC-DC Power supply.
  • 7 Output Ports:
    • 1x 12V DC 20A Cigarette Lighter Output
    • 3x USB Outputs
    • 1x Type C Outputs
    • 2x 12V/2A Outbuts
  • 50A charging port.

About MPS3K Power Station (3 kW / 4.5 kWh):

The MPS3 kW / 4.5 kWh from Hysolis is an all-in-one solar power station that includes everything you need for reliable, sustainable, off-grid power. This is a mini off-grid solar system in a box - integrated with a 3,000W pure sine inverter & 4,500 watt hour lithium battery, the Hysolis MPS 4,500 will run just about anything you throw at it!

This system includes a built-in MPPT solar charger and comes with an AC wall charger for charging the battery from any standard wall outlet, a 12V charger for charging from your vehicle or any other 12V power source as well as the necessary solar panel adapter cable for connecting any solar panels to recharge the battery from the sun.

Weighing 120 lbs it is perfect for an RV, off-grid cabin or emergency backup at home. Its compact design allows it to be stored easily and requires no major installation tools or skills. It can be easily placed in the corner of the house or small storage shed or even fit in the trunk of your car.

The Hysolis MPS 4,500 is one of the biggest options available for all-in-one solar power, capable of running everything from tiny homes, RVs, vans, home backup power, and even small commercial, camping, or bug out situations.


An All-in-One, Plug-and-Play Solar Power Station with an Inverter, MPPT Solar Charger, AC Charger, Car Charger, Lithium Battery Bank, and Comprehensive Protective Features. All Integrated into a Heavy-Duty Metal Case with Mounting Bars.


  • 4.5 kWh Lithium-Ion Battery Capacity with >2000 Life Cycles.
  • Battery Capacity Expandable.
  • 3 KW Continuous / 6 kW Peak Low-Frequency Pure Sine Wave Inverter. Waveform is suitable for sensitive electronics such as medical devices.
  • 12 Output Ports:
    • 4x 120VAC 15A AC Wall Plug Outputs
    • 1x 120VAC 25A TT-30R AC Output
    • 1x 12V DC 20A Cigarette Lighter Output
    • 3x USB Outputs
    • 1x Type C Outputs
    • 2x 12V/2A Outbuts
  • 35A AC Input cord (TT-30P).


  • Uninterruptable Power Supply: The MPS can use grid AC power until it detects a power outage and automatically switches to battery power!
  • Three ways to charge: Car power (DC), Wall outlet (AC), and Solar Array.
  • Advanced Maximum-Power-Point-Tracking (MPPT) Solar Charger gets the most energy possible out of your solar array.
  • Truly Plug-and-Play, meaning less hassle for you and more time to focus on what you need to focus on. Don’t worry about the Power Station - it will practically run itself!
  • Straightforward interface and LCD screen lets you operate the power station with ease.
  • Heavy-Duty Case with Rigid Mounting Bars. Let it stand on its own, or utilize the mounting bars to safely secure it in your vehicle.

*Please NOTE: This item is only applicable to orders in the US (except Alaska and the Virgin Islands).

HYSOLIS MPS 3 kW / 4.5 kWh Solar Generator Lithium Battery All-In-One Power Station

No More Gas. Free, Renewable Power

With a lithium battery “fuel tank” and a powerful pure-sine wave inverter. This solar generator equips you with safe, clean, portable power for off-grid living, workshops and emergency home backup.

Power Multiple Devices All at Once

A solar generator can handle multiple appliances running all at the same time, just like a gas generator. But instead of being noisy, dirty and a hassle to run, a solar generator can sit inside on the dining room table and provide clean, quiet power for days.

Versatile Plug Options

With multiple AC wall outlet style plugs, USB ports and even a 12V cigarette port for small fridges and other 12V devices, there’s endless options for recharging your devices.

Unlimited Power. Anywhere. Anytime

Charge your solar generator from the sun with compatible solar panels or keep it topped off from any wall outlet in your home when the power is on. The built-in MPPT charge controller ensures the most efficient charging while still protecting the battery.

Back Up Your Home

A solar generator is a great way to backup the power in your home when the power goes out. Easily back up four essential circuits in your home and scale to meet your needs. Power everything from lights, fridge and tv to medical devices, internet modems and more. 

Get Off The Grid

Take the step towards grid independence while living or traveling off the grid. Simply connect the solar generator to solar panels and power everything from lights, fridges, cpap machines and more!

HUGE Capacity. Totally Silent. Safe For Indoor & Outdoor Use

With it"s 4,500 Watt Hours of battery storage and a 3,000 watt pure sine inverter the Hysolis solar power station is the perfect gas generator alternative. People love the fact that it"s completely silent and safe for indoor use. You can set the generator in the dining room or beside your bed and use it to power all sorts of appliances inside. Including full size fridge and freezers!
The Hysolis is weighs in just over 120 lbs and has built-in double handles for carrying, or strapping to a truck trolly, making it easier to move from one place to another.  And lastly, the Hysolis is super simple to use. With only a couple of buttons and standard plugs for all of your devices, it"s extremely easy to setup, use and maintain!
Tech Specs 
Model:  EXB-4500Wh
Rated Voltage:  44.4 V DC
Battery Capacity:  4,500 Wh
Battery Type:  Lithium-ion (NCM)
Battery Cell:   3.7V102Ah x 12 Cells
Life Cycles:  >2,000


BMS Setting Data

High Voltage Protection:  62.1 V DC
High Voltage Recovery:  57.4 V DC
Low Voltage Alarm:  38.4 V DC
Low Voltage Protection:  37.2 V DC


Charging Port:  LP-28 (Max. 50A)


DC Output

USB Plug:  5 V DC 3 A x 3
Type-C Plug:  5V DC 12A x 1
Car Plug:  12 V DC  20 A x 1
5mm DC plug:  12V DC / 2A x2 


Working Temperatures

Operating Ambient Temperature:  -20℃ to +50℃
Storage Ambient Temperature:  -25℃ to +55℃


Size / Weight

Product Size (L*W*H):  503 mm (19.8 in) x 318 mm (12.5 in) x 280 mm (11 in)
Weight:  27kg / 60 lb


  • Comprehensive safety protection system lets you operate the MPS3K without worrying. PV array over/under-voltage? Appliance short-circuited? Device drawing too much power? Temperature too high? Don’t worry, the unit has you covered. You’ll hear an alarm informing you something’s wrong, and any necessary systems will be shut down. An error code lets you know exactly what happened.
  • Smart Fan Control keeps the unit cool, safe, and reliable.

What’s in the box

  • EXB-4500Wh Battery Pack
  • Cable & Connectors
  • User Manual

2-Year Warranty on Generator + 3-Year Warranty on Battery

Free Shipping & NO US Sales Tax

User Manual

4500Wh Expansion Battery Pack for MPS3K Power Station 

Use for
  • Ideal for Home Backup, Tiny Home Power, RV Power, Small Commercial Use, Farming/Ranching, Toolsheds, Camping, Defense, Off-Grid Stations, and more!
  • What can it power?
    • Mini-fridge for 5 days
    • 42” LED TV for 3 days
    • Full-powered air compressor 3 hours


Here"s what you need to know about Warranties and Returns.


All Hysolis products are covered under our warranty.

Your Solar Generator comes with a 2-year Warranty. The batteries inside your Solar Generator come with a 3-year Warranty. Solar Accessories come with a 1-year Warranty. Solar Panels come with a 25-year Warranty.

The warranty doesn’t cover any product that has been inappropriately disassembled, modified, damaged, or otherwise mistreated.

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After-sale Service Contact

  • 916-658-3961

Hysolis MPS3K-4500 Power Station

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  • Food Trucks

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  • Forest Rangers

  • Constructions

  • Military


Food Trucks

First Responders

Forest Rangers



Frequently Asked Questions

Can I use the solar generator at the same that it is charging?

Yes. This is called pass-thru charging and it’s one of the most important features when considering any solar generator. This is because pass-thru charging is what allows you to use a solar generator as a long term/off grid power solution.

You can run your devices all day and night while simultaneously charging the generator during the 5-7 good sun hours each day.

Can this power a room heater that heats a 500 sf room for 3 full zero degree cloudy days in Boston, on a single 3-hour charge?

The MPS unit max rated output is 25A (3000 watts). The battery capacity is 4,500 watt-hours.The duration hours is depends on your loads power. For instance, if your heater is 500w, it’s able to run for 8-9 hours.

Is this expandable, that is, can more panels be added?

You may connect up to 1500 watts solar panels with the built-in solar charger.It can be fully charged by the maximum solar power in 3 hours.To add more solar panels, you will need an extra solar charge controller.

Is the output unit weatherproof?

The solar panel is designed for outdoor working. They are weather proof.The MPS3K main unit is a indoor equipment.

Hysolis Products

Power Stations

Every power station features a high-capacity battery bank charged by an advanced battery management system (BMS); a robust, high-output, and programmable inverter; a solar charge controller with maximum power point tracking (MPPT) technology; an informative LCD display that shows real-time running statuses; multiple input/output ports; full system breakers; and a comprehensive dual-CPU system that manages energy input/output and features over-charge/discharge , over/under-voltage, over-temperature, and over/under-current protections across the board.

Solar Panels

Every Hysolis solar panel is durable and efficient. Wattages range from 100 to 310 Watts. Each panel is warrantied to 80% of its maximum power capacity for 25 years.


We offer carefully-engineered accessories ranging from MC4 connectors/cables to carrying cases and stands. Their high quality of manufacturing quality becomes apparent as soon as you hold one of our accessories in your hand.

Hysolis Guarantee

All of our products are sold with a free warranty. Your Hysolis product shouldn’t be defective. But, if it is, the replacement is on us.