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EcoFlow|Infinity Cable to Connect Delta Pro to Home Panel

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Connect to the Smart Home Panel Conveniently connect your DELTA Pro and Smart Home Panel using the Infinity Cable. Unlike other home battery systems, the Infinity Cable allows you to quickly unplug and take power off-grid.

Go Smarter Once connected to the Smart Home Panel, the Infinity Cable lets you take more control of your DELTA Pro home battery backup system via the EcoFlow app. Schedule energy use, recharging and more.

Charge DELTA Pro Connect to the Smart Home Panel and recharge your DELTA Pro with an input of 3400W directly from the grid.


Part of EcoFlow EcoSystem

Introducing the world's first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem for home backup, smart energy management, lower energy bills, and more. The EcoFlow DELTA Pro is the next leap in portable power technology, offering you power security and independence, wherever you are.


EcoFlow DELTA PRO Power Station 3.6—25kWh Capacity | 3600W OutputEcoFlow DELTA PRO Power Station 3.6—25kWh Capacity | 3600W Output

EcoFlow DELTA PRO Power Station 3.6—25kWh Capacity | 3600W Output

3.6kWh - 25kWh Expandable Capacity

Power Your Home For Days


EcoFlow DELTA PRO Power Station 3.6—25kWh Capacity | 3600W Output

Huge Expandable Capacity For Any Situation


DELTA Pro has a huge expandable capacity that you can customize to meet your energy needs. With two Smart Extra Batteries, you can increase your capacity to a whopping 10.8kWh. And for the first time ever, you can power your home for days with an incredible 25kWh capacity.



Power For Any Situation

From tailgate power to extreme blackouts that last for days on end, DELTA Pro delivers up to 25kWh of capacity. With that, you're covered for any situation. That's the industry gold standard.

All The AC Output You’ll Need

A single DELTA Pro unit packs a 3600W AC output, which can be expanded up to 4500W with X-Boost technology. Power 99.99% heavy-duty devices at home, outdoors, or at work. You can even pair two units together to achieve 7200W.

The World’s Fastest Charging Portable Power Station

MultiCharge delivers record-breaking speeds at 6500W. To reach 6500W, you can opt for these charging methods.

Fully Charge In 1.8 Hours

EcoFlow’s X-Stream charging technology isn't just fast, it's safe too. The battery management system ensures safety and longevity while you fully charge DELTA Pro from a standard AC wall outlet in 1.8 hours*.

Plug & Play Home Backup Power

Starting from one unit, power your essential appliances with 3600W and 120V output by directly connecting one DELTA Pro with a generator cord to your home's power inlet box* for partial home backup when a blackout hits. Easily chain together two DELTA Pros using the Double Voltage Hub and plug in to your power inlet box* to hit the massive 7200W and 240V to power your entire home during a power outage. The DELTA Pro and Double Voltage Hub provide a simple and convenient home battery system without rewiring or running dangerous extension cables through your home. *including transfer switch or GenerLink which has a male L14-30 twist-lock connection that can accept a L14-30 extension cord.


EcoFlow DELTA PRO Power Station 3.6—25kWh Capacity | 3600W Output


Charge Up At Thousands Of EV Stations Worldwide

For the first time ever with a portable power station, you can charge up at thousands of EV stations worldwide. This unique charging method gives you up to 3000W fast charging on the go.



Go Renewable With 1600W Solar Charging

EcoFlow's suite of solar products gives you a cost-effective renewable energy source to stay powered. You can use solar energy to charge DELTA Pro in just 2.8-5.6 hours. DELTA Pro has a wide voltage range from 11-150V, which makes it compatible with 90% of third-party solar panels with MC4 connectors. And when the weather gets unpredictable, the smart maximum power point tracking (MPPT) automatically adjusts, maximizing your solar generation at any time of the day.


Get Emergency Backup Power With The EcoFlow Smart Generator

The EcoFlow Smart Generator serves as an emergency option that integrates with your DELTA Pro ecosystem. It auto-starts when your DELTA Pro hits a low level of charge, re-charges your DELTA Pro, and stops the engine all by itself once your DELTA Pro hits a full charge. Compared to a traditional gas generator, the EcoFlow Smart Generator delivers less energy loss, faster charging, and higher efficiency.


A Battery That Lasts For Years On End

DELTA Pro sports a brand-new LFP battery with 6500 cycles, which means you can use DELTA Pro for years and years before your unit reaches 50% of the original capacity. EcoFlow’s battery management system provides real-time analysis and regulation of voltage, current, and temperature. This unique protection mechanism makes DELTA Pro an incredibly safe and efficient home battery.



Multiple Ways To Control & Monitor

Control DELTA Pro either on the unit itself, using the remote control accessory, or unlock a ton of customization via the EcoFlow app. On the app, you can access your power settings, such as charging and discharging levels, AC charge speeds, control the Smart Generator and a whole lot more.



The world’s First Portable Home Battery EcoSystem

DELTA Pro's expandable ecosystem provides you with power during blackouts, customizable energy around the clock, and lower energy bills. How does it achieve all this? With a selection of extra batteries, smart generators, solar trackers, wind turbines, a smart home panel, and more. From backup power to reducing your reliance on the grid with green alternatives, the DELTA Pro ecosystem can be customized to your needs.



The EcoFlow Smart Home Panel

The new EcoFlow Smart Home Panel is the heart of the DELTA Pro home battery ecosystem. It integrates up to two DELTA Pro units with 10 home circuits. Each DELTA Pro can be connected with extra batteries, solar panels, or smart generators, giving you uninterrupted power during blackouts, smart energy management for your critical loads, and lower energy bills.



Uninterrupted Home Backup

With a fast 20ms switchover time, DELTA Pro and the Smart Home Panel can keep you powered on during a blackout. All the while, the EcoFlow app keeps you in the know, letting you select and modify your device priorities.



Smart Energy Management

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro ecosystem stores energy day and night, reducing your reliance on the grid and lowering your energy bills by combating time-of-use rates. It integrates directly with your home using the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel. The EcoFlow app gives you a smart breakdown of your energy habits, and you can customize your energy usage for any type of situation.



RV living Made Easy

With DELTA Pro, you can take home with you, wherever you go. It features wheels and a suitcase-esque extendable handle that makes transport easy. And if you’re looking for a complete power solution for RV road trips and outdoor adventures, DELTA Pro comes with solar panels and a dedicated 30A Anderson port and AC outlet.



The Power That Means Business

Not only does DELTA Pro provide home backup and off-grid power, it also gives you a secure power source for any type of professional work. Whether you’re working at home or outdoors, from DIY to professional projects, DELTA Pro helps you get the job done.




EcoFlow Warranty Policy

Shipping, Returns & Refund

EcoFlow Shipping, Return, Cancellation and Refund Policy

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    Frequently Asked Questions

    All the AC oports support 3600W (US) output?

    For US version, you can only have max 3600W AC output on the 30A AC port.

    What’s the maxinput DELTA Pro an achieve?

    When charging DELTA Pro and its extra battery together, you can reach 6500W max charging speeds by combining AC, solar and Smart Generator methods. For DELTA Pro single unit, you can recharge it at standard wall outlets (1800W max), at EV station (3400W max)/Smart Home Panel/240V outlets (3000W max).

    How many solar panels can I use at the same time?

    It depends on the combined voltage and current of the solar panels you choose. It's fine as long as the solar panels use MC4 connectors and their combined voltage and current are within 11-150 volts and under 1 amps.

    Can I run a 240V device on the 120V version?

    You'll need to connect two DELTA Pro units to power 240V electronics. You can do this by: 1) the Double Voltage Hub and use the AC outlets on the hub, or 2) the Smart Home Panel and use your home's 240V outlets (you'll need to setup 240V wiring on the Smart Home Panel during installation).

    How do I updatethe firmware?

    First of all, make sure your DELTA Pro is connected to the EcoFlow App using Internet mode. Secondly, go to the Firmware section in the Setting of the DELTA

    How do I recharge DELTA Pro at 200V-240V in a 100V-120Vregion?

    The cable provided with your DELTA Pro won’t plug into higher-voltage outlets, and you’ll need a third party adapter/charging cable.

    Is there any combination ofthese units that would allow for them to be plugged into my generator transfer/ interlock to power selected circuits on my main panel without using theEcoFlow Smart Home Panel?

    You can directly connect DELTA pro or DELTA Max to your main panel without using the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel with the help of a professional electrician. We recommend that you use only DELTA Pro or DELTA Max for this set up as the other power stations aren't powerful enough to provide you with the electricity you need for your entire home. Please keep in mind that connecting DELTA Pro or DELTA Max to your main panel will allow them to provide electricity within 3 milliseconds in case of a power outage, so this might affect some devices that requires constant power supply with now cuts. You can choose to use the number of power stations you need depending on the amount of power you need.

    If I want to use this as anemergency power supply I want to store it at or near 100%. What are bestpractices for keeping it nearly full charged to us for emergencies?

    You can store the power station when its SOC is 100% to use it for emergencies. But we do recommend that you follow the storage instructions in the manual to prolong the life of your battery.

    Does the Delta Pro reduce charge rate when nearing fullycharged?

    Usually the speed of charging drops when the unit is almost full and it also drops when the inner temperature of the unit rises.

    Does the Delta Pro operateas an EPS/UPS? 

    Yes, you can use DELTA Pro as an EPS. In case of a sudden blackout, the product can automatically switch to the battery powered supply mode within 30ms. But keep in mind this is a a basic UPS function, this function does not support 0ms switching, so please do not connect DELTA Pro to any device that requires 0ms UPS, such as data servers and workstations. Please test and confirm the compatibility before using DELTA Pro.

    How many amp hours on theEco pro delta?

    DELTA pro's capacity is 3600Wh which is equal to 1125Ah. Please keep in mind that DELTA pro has LFP battery, and its voltage is 3.2v, therefore the calculation was done according to LFP battery voltage

    Can one of these packs beused for emergency charging of a Tesla, and other EV's?

    Yes, you can Charge your Tesla with DELTA Pro. But you will require generator neutral grounding plug as DELTA Pro's sockets are not grounded and we didn't do grounding-free optimization for them. As for the EV's: "It depends on the specifications of the EV. Keep in mind that DELTA Pro output for the US version is: 5 outlets, 3600W total (Surge 7200W), and its battery capacity is 3600Wh, and you can add DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery to it to increase the capacity. So as long as your devices match DELTA Pro's specifications they should work normally when powered by it."

    How long would the propower my home gasfurnace?               

    It depends on the specifications of the gas furnace. Keep in mind that DELTA Pro AC output for the US version is: 5 outlets, 3600W total (Surge 7200W), and its battery capacity is 3600Wh, and you can also add an extra DELTA Pro Smart Extra Battery to increase the capacity. So as long as your devices match DELTA Pro's specifications they should work normally when powered by it.

    Can I go solar with that inRV? 

    You can if the solar panels specifications match DELTA Pro solar charge input (11-150V, 12A, 1200W Max)

    How many extra batteries can I use with DELTA Pro?

    For each DELTA Pro unit, you can link an extra two batteries, bringing you up to 10.8kWh of capacity.

    What makes the Smart Extra Battery “Smart”?

    DELTA Pro’s Smart Extra Battery can be monitored from the EcoFlow app, allowing you to monitor & control your batteries from afar.

    Can I charge the ExtraBattery independently of DELTA Pro?

    Yes, you can when using the Smart Generator as part of your ecosystem. For other charging methods, you should connect your Smart Extra Battery to the DELTA Pro unit first.

    How fast does the Smart Extra Battery charge?

    The charge speed varies depending on your chosen charge method. But in short, it charges fast. The fastest way to charge is by utilizing Multi Charge to reach a 6500W charge speed. With that, you can charge both your DELTA Pro and the extra battery in <2 hours. And via a standard AC wall outlet, you can expect a full charge in 2.7 hours assuming your DELTA Pro unit is fully charged.

    Hysolis Provides Solutions

    Solutions for off-grid, portable, and backup power for your personal and professional needs.

    Hysolis Provides Solutions

    Solutions for off-grid, portable, and backup power for your personal and professional needs.