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AmericanElectric| 48V Silver Fish Battery Pack

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Safety Test

Short Circuit Safety Test      Overcharge SafetyTest     Crush Safety Test  Needing Safety Test      Extrusion Safety Test


Battery Specifications

48V Li

Case is included

1-year manufacturer warranty

Nominal voltage: 48V

Rated capacity: 10-25Ah

Charging mode: CC/CV

Max charge voltage: 54V

Cycle life: About ~ 3 Years


AmericanElectric Steller

Rattan LM 750W

Rattan LF 750W

Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser XXL 750 Fat Tire ST

Big CAT Fat Cat XXL 750 Fat Tire

Big Cat Long Beach Cruiser 500 ST

Big Cat Mini LBC XXL 750 Fat Tire ST

Big Cat Mini Cat 750 XXL Fat Tire

Big Cat Utility Trike 750 XXL Fat Tire

Big Cat Mini Long Beach Cruiser 750 XXL Fat Tire

Ecotric Seagull Electric Mountain Bicycle

Ecotric Hammer Electric Fat Tire Beach Snow Bike

Ecotric Fat Tire Portable and Folding Electric Bike with LCD Display

Revi Bike Rebel

Emojo Caddy

Emojo Caddy PRO 

Emojo RAM SS

Emojo LYNX PRO 750

Emojo LYNX PRO Ultra

Emojo RAM SS Street Edition

Emojo LYNX PRO Sport

Vtuvia SF20 Step/thru Folding Fat Tire E-bike

Vtuvia SK20 20inch Folding Fat Tire E-bike

Eunorau E-FAT-MN

Eunorau E-FAT/STEP

Heybike Ranger

Heybike Mars

Heybike Explore

Heybike Mars Hyper

Ecomotion Mini Pro L

Ecomotion Mini Pro M

Ecomotion Roko

Green Bike USA GB500 Low Step

Green Bike USA GB500 MAG

Green Bike USA Beach Cruiser-Back

Green Bike USA GB1

Green Bike USA GB1 Fat Tire

Green Bike USA GB1 750 MAG Fat Tire

Green Bike USA GB 750 Low Step Fat Tire

Green Bike USA GB 750 MAG Fat Tire 

Rad Power Bikes RadMini

Engwe T14

Fiido T1

Bagi Bike B10 Bold Plus

Bagi Bike B20 Hero Plus

Bagi Bike B10 Street ST Plus

Bagi Bike B20 Street TRX Plus

Maxfoot MF-30

Maxfoot MF-18 P

Maxfoot MF-17 P

Elux Tahoe GT


AmericanElectric Warranty

1 Year Warranty.

*Warranty does not cover any water damage or any physical damages.

About AmericanElectric

AmericanElectric® was founded in 2006 with a mission to change the way the world travels. AmericanElectric® is a high tech, large scale manufacturing and sales company in the electric bike and electric scooter business. We produce high quality, customizable products and are involved in a variety of major projects with institutions, colleges, businesses, governments and more.

We have worked and continue to work in the United States, Europe, and parts of Asia and we are always looking to expand to more places all over the globe. We want to introduce our amazing and unique products to the world and revolutionize transportation to be very effective and more cost effective, while being environmentally friendly.

AmericanElectric® brings to the world electric vehicles that specialize in high efficiency, high performance, automatic functionalities, and smart technology (including cloud services for on board electronic systems). We are always furthering/improving the field of electric vehicles through research and development.

AmericanElectric® is headquartered in Miami, FL, USA and is committed to advancing technology for the electric age of transportation in the Americas and Worldwide. Founded by a strong believer in the power of electricity. We aim to provide consumers with alternative electric mobility solutions for their every-day personal transportation and freedom of commuting. Our Products are assembled in the USA.

AmericanElectric® travels the world and constantly does research to ensure that we give only the top of the line electric bikes, scooters, and vehicles to everyone who works with us. We invest in improving every aspect of the electric vehicle experience; from better batteries, to better mechanical parts/components, to beautiful designs, and smart technology with electronic systems that rival the automotive car industry.

We aim to provide the competition to help this industry grow to its fullest potential. Innovation is the key to growth and success and no word defines AmericanElectric® more than that. Our determination helps us to provide the best and most updated products to all our customers and projects.

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