Up to 25kWh of Portable Energy and Independence From the Grid: The Delta Pro

They call it the world’s first portable home battery with an expandable ecosystem and it can store energy to power almost anything in your household, in the event of a blackout and for other reasons as well. Meet the EcoFlow Delta Pro.

Whether you are using it as a backup during emergencies, you simply want a smarter energy management solution or you want smaller bills, EcoFlow’s portable power technology has got you covered, delivering up to 25kWh, if you choose to expand your system.

As a single unit, the Delta Pro has an output of up to 3,600W, but if, for instance, you buy two units, they connect together, which doubles your output to 7,200W, which is enough to power your washing machine, electric dryer, air conditioner, and other high-wattage appliances.

One of the best features of the Delta Pro is the 240V adapter that lets you connect it to your house the same way you would a gas generator, for instance. You should know though that you need two Delta Pro units to be able to use 240V.

With a built-in trolley system, the battery is indeed portable and easy to transport.

The Delta Pro is loaded with a variety of ports that allow you to power pretty much any device. It features an LCD display and you can control it via several methods, including through its dedicated EcoFlow mobile app. If you are planning to build the unit into an RV, boat, and so on, you can still have access to a display using the built-in port for remote control. The remote control features its own LCD display that gives you all the information you would normally see on the screen of the Delta Pro.

Another revolutionary thing about the Delta Pro is the fact that you can charge it in various ways. At home, you can plug it into any outlet and it will fully charge in 2.7 hours. If you are on the road, you can charge it via an EV charging station. There’s also the possibility to charge it using solar power, wind power, or car outlets. EcoFlow equipped the Delta Pro with a battery that guarantees over 6,500 cycles.