This Portable Battery Charger Can Power Your Entire Home for Days on End

What if you never had to worry about power outages? The EcoFlow Delta Pro home battery backup makes that dream a reality. By wiring the system directly into the home's circuit breaker box, the system automatically reroutes power to the battery backup in case of an outage. Consumers clearly love the EcoFlow design and business model as the company has attracted over 1,300 backers on Kickstarter so far.

Eli Harris co-founded EcoFlow in 2016 along with key partners at Guangzhou Penghui Energy, SCUD group, Chunjia Assets, Delian Capital, and a factory for industrial design tooling named ESID. These industry-spanning partnerships allow for complete vertical integration of EcoFlow's supply chain as well as four million dollars in startup capital in addition to the crowdfunding investments of almost $1 million so far.

As the climate continues to change, a growing number of consumers and businesses are striving to promote environmentally sustainable actions, particularly in regard to energy consumption. The innovative EcoFlow battery gathers energy from a variety of sources, including renewable energy, to allow the customer to charge the battery in the most convenient way for them.

The battery comes with a specially designed solar panel that rotates to harvest solar energy at the optimal angle throughout the day. On cloudy windy days, the battery still charges outside with internal wind turbines that generate power directly from the breeze. For indoor charging, simply plug the battery into a wall socket, and the proprietary X-Stream technology achieves a full charge in only two and a half hours.

EcoFlow Delta Pro works in travel situations by connecting to a car charger or any leading level two charging station. The revolutionary technology that connects the battery to the charging stations is the first of its kind, and that innovation adds significant value to the EcoFlow brand. Charging station availability has dramatically increased in recent years, and online services specialize in helping consumers find their nearest charge.

At this point in the carbon timeline, dramatic climate change is inescapable. What we do from here forward will determine the extent of the catastrophe. Business leaders like Eli Harris and the brilliant minds at EcoFlow set a shining example of how to combat crises with the power of technology, industry, and human ingenuity.

As the climate change threat becomes more visible every day, people working to make positive changes — no matter how incremental — provide the boost of hope needed to keep improving our world.

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