Mango Power Union and Accessories

What's In the Box



Power Move 1x
Power Home 1x
AC Charging Cable 2x
MC4 to Aviation Connector 2x
Home Backup Cable (40A) 1x
User Manual 1x
Warranty Card 1x




mWheels can be installed on the bottom of your device so you can more easily move your Mango Power Union from place to place.

Solar Move
100W / 200W / 400W

Solar Move panels use Grade-A monocrystalline silicon to reach 21.7% conversion efficiency. The Mango Power Union can support up to 400W solar input for charging.


The mPanel lets you connect to home circuits and to connect multiple devices in parallel.With the mPanel, it’s easy and fast to connect your Mango Power Union with your home circuits so that in the event of a grid outage, your home’s power supply – and all your important appliances – can switch seamlessly and automatically to the Mango Power Union with no interru

240V mSocket

The mSocket allows use of the 240V mBoost function. Simply connect it with the Home Backup Outlet on the Union’s back side, and the mSocket can support 240V output for your larger appliances.

What Do You Need for Each Function?


240V mSocket

Home Essential Circuit Backup
240V mBoost Mode
Please check the table below for accessory requirements for each function: