Mango Power Installation

Mango Power Installation


Safety Note:

1. Please make sure all the output ports are disconnected before separating the Power Move from the Power Ho me.
2. Please contact professional electricians for all connections related with home circuits.



The Mango Power Union consists of 2x main parts: the Power Home – the always-connected home battery and overall base and the detachable Power Move module. The Power Home and Power Move connect via the unique mUnion.
To connect the Power Home and Power Move, simply align both of their mUnion interfaces and place the Power Move on top of the Power Home.


To separate the Power Home and Power Move, make sure all appliances or devices are disconnected from the output ports and just pick the Power Move up by the handles hidden on either of its sides.


For home use, we recommend using the entire Mango Power Union (Power Home + Power Move) for full function. For outdoor use, you can just take the Power Move.


Here is the function of each part.

Mango Power Union

Mango Home

Mango Move

Backup for Home Essential Circuits

Yes Yes No

UPS (Uninterruptible Power Supply)

Yes Yes Yes

Battery Capacity

6.9 kWh 4.6 kWh 2.3 kWh

Output (AC+DC)

Yes Continuous 4000W Surge 6600W No Yes Continuous 2000W Surge 3300W

Solar Charging

Yes, 3000W Yes, 1500W

Grid Charging

Yes, 3300W Yes, 2000W

Home Connection

● Backup Mode ● Backup Mode
● Time-Based Control Mode ● Time-Based Control Mode
● Economical Mode ● Economical Mode

mBoost Mode* (240V)

Yes No No


*The full mBoost feature requires an extra accessory, the mSocket. The home backup function only supports 1x circuit without the mPanel.


Connecting with the App

The Mango Power Union / Power Home / Power Move support both Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection. Before installing, please download the Mango Power App, available through the iOS App Store and Google Play.

When you connect for the first time, please use a Wi-Fi connection.

Step 1:Make sure the Mango Power Union and your smartphone are on the same Wi-Fi network.

Step 2:Turn on the Mango Power Union by flipping the Main Breaker on its back

Step 3:Open the Mango Power App, register, and login.


Step 4:Connect to your Mango Power Union / Power Move with Wi-Fi or Bluetooth.

Basic Setup and Control

After logging into the Mango Power App, you can remotely control and monitor your Mango Power Union. In the navigation bar at the bottom, you can scroll through your Home Page, Notifications, and My Profile tab.

Home Page: The Home Page shows all devices (Mango Power Union / Power Move / Power Home) and battery status information for each part.

Notifications: The Notifications page shows all notifications and your latest Green Report.

My Profile: The My Profile section shows your account and warranty information. You can also check for the latest OTA (Over-The-Air) updates in “About”.

Click on your device on the Home Page to control its function, AC / DC output, or to put it into mBoost Mode.

The Green Report section shows your current green energy generation and consumption. The Power Flow section give you an easy-to-visualize picture of how energy flows between solar, the grid, and your devices.

The Customize section enables you to choose different modes for advanced use. The Mango Power Union currently supports Back-Up Power, Economical, and Time-Based Control Modes. You can learn more about the different modes in the Mobile App section.




Connect with Solar

Both the Power Home and the Power Move have PV input ports on their backsides. The Mango Power Union supports 12V-250V solar panels. You can connect it with a roof solar system or portable power station. Please use the included PV Charging Cable (MC4 Port to Aviation Port) if necessary. It supports 2x solar MPPT (maximum power point trackers).
For home use, you can connect both the Power Home and the Power Move to maximize solar charging. The maximum solar input for the Mango Power Union is 3000W, with 1500W for each part.
For outdoor use, you can connect the Power Move with your solar system with the maximum 1500W solar input independent from the Power Home.

Connect with the Grid

Both the Power Home and the Power Move have grid AC Input ports on their backsides. The Mango Power Union supports a maximum 3300W input. Connect with AC Input ports using the included charging cables.




Connect With Your Home Essential Circuits for UPS Function

To make full use of the home essential circuits backup feature, we recommend using the mPanel accessory which supports up to 4x circuits with 4000W/40A total capability for a single mPanel.
Connect the Mango Power Union with the grid (using the included AC Input Cable) and the mPanel (via the Home Backup Outport port) on the back side of the device.
Connect the mPanel with your home’s essential circuits. Flip the Main Breaker and Home Backup Breaker on the back side of the device. The backup power supply and UPS function will start working.
In the event of a power outage, the appliances on the connected circuits will automatically and seamlessly switch their power supply to the Mango Power Union.
Please note, 1x Mango Power Union with 1x mPanel can support 4x circuits with a maximum 4000W/40A capability. Choose which home essential circuits to connect given this information.
If you don’t have the mPanel, you can still connect the Mango Power Union / Power Move with 1x home circuit. Connect the Mango Power Union / Power Move with the grid and connect your essential circuits or devices to the output ports on top of the Power Move. The UPS function still works via this connection method.

See the figure below for reference for different connection methods:

With mPanel Backup

Without mPanel Backup

1x Mango Power Union

4x circuits 5x AC Output Ports
Max. 4000W / 40A Max. 2000W/20A for each port and Max. 4000W for all ports

Power Mode

N/A 5x AC Output Ports
Max. 2000W/20A for each port and Max. 4000W for all ports

Power Home

4x circuits N/A
Max. 2000W / 20A

2x Mango Power Union

8x circuits Not recommended
Max. 8000W / 80A

3x Mango Power Union

Whole House Backup Not recommended
Max. 12000W / 120A