Mango Power A Home Micro-Grid

Seamless Home Backup Power Supply

The Mango Power Union detects power outages when the grid goes down and automatically repowers your home within 10 milliseconds , keeping all your important appliances in the backup circuits working 24*7, whatever happens.

Built-in Backup Gateway

The Mango Power Union comes with a built-in backup gateway for Wi-Fi and Bluetooth connection, no extra accessories needed.

mPower Boost Mode

mPower Boost Mode lets you switch output to 240V so you can run power-hungry devices when you need to.

3 Generation SiC (Silicon Carbide) Semiconductor Delivers 96% Efficiency

The Mango Power Union utilize 3rd generation semiconductors in key components to deliver higher energy density and 96% energy transfers efficiency, significantly better than the industry average.

Mango Power Union Brand X
Battery Capacity 6.9 kWh 5.1kWh
Transfer Efficiency (η) 96% 88%
DoD (Depth of Discharge) 95% 90%
Final Energy Can be Used 6.2kWh 4.0kWh

2. Data from the Mango Power Lab. Emergency home use: 1.88kWh/day (4 lights, fan, router, laptop, and smartphone). Daily home use: 29kWh/day (based on US users’ average daily electric consumption in 2019).
3. 10 milliseconds refers to response time of the PV inverter. Actual switch time may vary.
4. Data from the Mango Power Lab.