Lion Energy SAVANNA Series Frequently Asked Questions

Is the Savanna series of products compatible with other batteries?

The Savanna series is compatible with other lithium batteries and is optimized for lithium iron phosphate. It is not recommended for lead acid or SLA batteries.


Can the Savanna CC be used with other solar panels?

Yes, as long is the panel falls within the required specifications:

  • 12 volts
  • Under 400 watts
  • VOC (voltage under current) < 22V
  • Max power voltage <18V


Do you offer solar panel adapters other than Anderson connectors (MC4 or Fusion)?

Sorry, no. We only provide Anderson connectors. Other adapters can be found on Amazon or through other retailers.


If you use the Savanna CC on multiple batteries, does the positive go to the first battery and the negative go to the last battery?

Lion Energy recommends using a bus bar and make the connection on that, but it is acceptable to connect the positive to the first battery and the negative to the last.


Is there a light on each device indicating they are actively charging?

The Savanna CC does have a charging indicator light. The Savanna BC does not.


Can the Savanna BC charge more than one battery at a time?

Yes, but adding multiple batteries can dramatically lengthen the charge time.


Can I add the Savanna BC and keep my existing charge controller?

We recommend you remove or disconnect the existing battery charger or power converter and use the Savanna BC directly.


If I want to replace the existing combo charger/inverter in my RV, what Savanna series products do I need?

You'll need the Savanna BC and the Savanna IV and a third-party transfer switch. If you want to charge via solar, you will also need the Savanna CC.


Do you sell DC-to-DC adapters? And where does such an adapter get installed?

No, we do not sell DC-to-DC adapters. It gets installed between the vehicle and the RV battery.