Lion Energy Safari LT Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Safari LT?

The Safari LT is the latest in Lithium technology for portable power needs. It replaces traditional noisy gas generators with the safest Lithium batteries on the market today. It is lightweight and powerful solar power unit.

What does the Safari LT power?

You can use it to power a wide variety of devices like cell phones, laptops, tablets, mini-fridges, TV's lights, power tools, and the list goes on. Any device that requires less than 500 watts, the Safari LT can power it.

How can you figure out how long the Safari LT will power specific devices?

To calculate how long the Safari LT can power a device, use this formula: Wh / W = Estimated Run Time. The Safari LT has a continuous 450Wh of power output. For example, if your device draws 25 watts then the LT would power the device for 18 hours (450Wh/25W=18hours).

How long can the Safari LT hold a charge?

It will maintain its charge for up to a year without having to charge it. This is known as shelf life or storage life. However, we recommend using it more frequently – in the house, outside, on adventures and ready for emergencies. It has over 1,000 cycle capacity so you can use it again and again and again.

Can it store solar power?

The Safari LT is a great energy storage unit for solar power and can be charged by using solar panels. It can store 450Wh (Watt hours).

What is in the box?

The Safari LT, User Manual, Wall charger adapter (5V@3.4A). If you also purchase the Safari LT directly from Lion Energy Online it comes with our fast charger.

Why should I buy Safari LT?

The Safari LT is made from the highest quality and longest lasting battery technology - Lithium. The Safari LT is safe, silent and renewable, unlike other gas-powered generators. It gives you power anywhere, anytime.

How do I get the AC output on the Safari LT to turn on?

The AC power on the Safari LT is not automatically turned on when you plug something into it. First turn on the main Safari LT unit then press and hold the yellow AC power button on the side located by the 2 AC plugs for 2-3 seconds. The red indicator light on the AC button will be illuminated.

How do I charge my USB, 12V Devices?

Once you turn on the main Safari LT unit, turn on the USB, 12V, or the 4 DC 12V barrel output by pressing the yellow Power Indicator button in the output area on the front of the Safari LT device for 2-3 seconds.

Is it good in bad weather?

The Safari LT perform great in most weather conditions. It is water resistant but not waterproof.

How big is the Safari LT?

It weighs in at only 11 pounds and is 12" L X 6.5" W X 7.3"

What's the rated capacity?

It is a 12V, 450Wh (watt hours or how much energy it can store), 500W (watts or how much power it can output at a time).

How do I recharge it?

The Safari LT is part of Lion Energy's pride of products that creates clean, limitless, renewable energy sources to power your life. It's designed for recharge through traditional AC power or renewable source - the sun.

It is loud?

Unlike other power units, the Safari LT has silent power enabling you to sleep through the night at camp or allowing for an undisturbed work environment. The Safari LT uses a lithium battery and powerful inverter. Occasionally a small internal fan may to turn to cool the unit.  

How long will it last?

The Safari LT can last for years if you take care of it and it comes with a 1 year warranty.

Can you power multiple devices at the same time?

You can use all the outputs at the same time. So, that is two devices charging off the USB Ports, another device charging off the cigarette light, another device running off the AC 110V plug (this could be a 60 inch T.V.) and another device charing on the USB C.

Do I have to maintain the Safari LT?

The Safari LT is virtually maintenance free. It can be used on a daily basis

What is a USB-C?

This is the charging port that all the new phones are using. All Android phones will be switching to this type of plug. They will do this because it is able to handle more power. Lion Energy added this port so that the Safari LT is on the leading edge of technology.