Jackery Explorer 1500 Frequently Asked Questions

  • Q1: What devices can Explorer 1500 power?

    A: Please note that the AC output port can only charge/power devices that operate at less than total 1800 Watt. Once exceeding, the Explorer 1500 will shut off automatically. Please refer to your device specification before purchase.

  • Q2: How to know the working times for my device?

    A: Working time = 1488Wh* 0.85 / operating wattage of your device
    For reference, assuming power consumption of your device is 60W (might be a box fan), working time will be 1488Wh*0.85/60w=21.1hrs (rough calculated) .
    Please note: actual power consumption varies from different usages, please consult Jackery for better purchase decision.

  • Q3: Can the Explorer 1500 be recharged while charging other devices/tools the same time?

    A: You can use the Explorer 1500 to charge other things, while it's being recharged at the same time. However, it is scientifically NOT recommended because it will decrease the battery life cycle.

  • Q4: Can the Explorer 1500 can be used as UPS?

    A: No, the E1500 can't be used as UPS, need to press the power button to turn on the AC/USB /DC output, so it can't turn on and off automatically.

  • Q5: Does Explorer 1500 include a built-in MPPT controller?

    A: Yes, Explorer 1500 power stations have a built-in MPPT controller.

  • Q6: How do I know the Explorer 1500 is charged?

    A: To check the charge level of the Explorer 1500, refer to the LCD Battery Display.

  • Q7: After the Explorer 1500 being fully charged, can I keep it plugged in to continue charging, in case of power outage?

    A: Yes, you can keep it plugged in to continue charging. It won't cause any battery damage.

  • Q8: Can I use it indoors?

    A: Yes, the Explorer 1500 is safe to use indoors.

  • Q9: Why it takes so long to charge the power station from 99% to 100%?

    A: When the power station is charged at a low power (constant current stage), the charging power is the largest. With the increase of the power, the internal battery pack voltage of the energy storage gradually increases to the charging limit voltage and then enters the constant current stage (the charging power gradually decreases to full). In the later stage of charging, the charging power gradually decreases. Please kindly take a long time to charge to 100%.

  • Q10: Can I find any video about recharging the Explorer 1500?

    A: Please kindly check the video in the following instructions:
    Go to Jackery.com
    Click the "Support” , and then choose "FAQ”
    Check "Product Video”

  • Q11: Are the output ports regulated, and if so, which ones are regulated?

    A: All output ports of Jackery power stations are regulated. The voltage won't change when the battery power decreases.

  • Q12: Can the battery inside be replaceable?

    A: No, the batteries inside of Jackery power station can't be replaceable.

  • Q13: Is the Explorer 1500 power station waterproof?

    A: No, the Explorer 1500 is not waterproof. Please do not store them in humid environment for longtime.

  • Q14: Can the Explorer 1500 be charged while using?

    A: Yes, you can use the Explorer 1500 to charge devices, while it's being re-charged at the same time.