EcoFlow Wave 2 Portable Air Conditioner Frequently Asked Questions

Is Wave waterproof and dustproof?

Wave is not water or dustproof.

What maintenance operations does Wave require?

Wave is designed to be as simple as possible. No maintenance is required.

Does Wave need to be drained manually?

When cooling, Wave produces excess water. What makes Wave unique is that it takes this excess water and sprays it on the internal condenser to evaporate it (which runs hot while in use) without manual drainage.   In high humidity environments (70%+ humidity) you may find excess water building up. Here, you can use the drain hole to empty your Wave when you’re done using it and need to transport it. If you’re in low to medium humidity, this won’t be an issue

Can other power stations or resources power to Wave?

Yes, as long as the AC output is over 600W can power Wave.

How do I use Eco Mode?

Get up to 8 hours cooling with Eco Mode. Just open the app, and select “Eco Mode”, then you’ll be prompted to pick low, medium or high settings. Select which you need for a preview of how long your Wave will run for. Then, it will automatically adjust and switch between cooling and fan modes in intervals to keep you cool for extended periods.

Under cooling mode, how long can Wave battery pack, DELTA Max, and DELTA Pro support the operation of Wave?

It depends on the battery you choose to use:  Wave add-on battery: 3 hours DELTA Max: 5-6 hours DELTA Pro: 12 hours Note: Assumes average power consumption of 300W per hour for Wave under 26° with the lowest volume of air

In how big space is, does Wave have the best cooling performance?

While Wave can cool most small to medium sized spaces, 8㎡ is optimal for fast cooling. That’s about the size of a four-man tent. 

Does Wave support APP control?

Yes. You can control and even automate operations at a distance using the EcoFlow app. Both Bluetooth and WiFi control are supported.

What is the rated power and maximum cooling capacity of Wave?

1. AC/DC rated power: 460W/410W 2. Maximum cooling capacity: 1200W(4000BTU)

Can the Wave be used while charging?

When connected to AC, th will charge battery pack if operating power is guaranteed; when using power station, if power overload occurs, please disconnect the battery pack. When connecting the portable solar panel or car charging cable, if input power is not enough to support the operation of compressor, only the fan mode can operate. It is recommended to use the above two charging ways while keeping the power off.

Can battery pack be charged indepently?

To charge the add-on battery, it must be connected with Wave. 

How many charging ways does Wave battery pack support?

As long as you’re using a battery with Wave (Add-on battery, DELTA Max, DELTA Max Extra Battery, DELTA Pro, DELTA Pro Extra Battery)  three charging ways are available: 1. AC charging (500W charging rate). 2. Solar charging (200W charging rate). 3. Car charing (200W charging rate).

How to power it with DELTA Pro or DELTA Pro extra battery?

Connect it with DELTA Max Extra Battery Cable and DELTA Pro to Smart Generator Adapter.

How to power it with DELTA Max or DELTA Max extra battery?

Use the DELTA Max Extra Battery Cable to directly connect to Wave. 

How many power supply methods does Wave support?

Wave can be powered by any of the following methods:  1. AC power supply (such as your wall outlet) (100V-240V) 2. Wave’s add-on battery.  3. DELTA Max or DELTA Max Extra Battery 4. DELTA Pro or DELTA Pro Extra Battery

Does the Wave have built-in battery?

While Wave does not have an internal battery, you can use its 1008Wh add-on battery, or use EcoFlow Max/Pro as a DC power source. Alternatively, you can plug it in directly to a wall outlet.

When do we schedule the shipment?

The shipment of DELTA Pro/DELTA Max(2000) will be scheduled once they are in stock. The shipment of AC/AC extra battery/accessories will be scheduled in late June for customers who place orders before June 13th. For customers who place orders between June 14th and July 12th, the AC/AC extra battery/accessories will arrive in late July.

What modes does Wave have?

1. Cooling Mode Powerful 4000BTU cooling using the inverter compressor. 2. Eco Mode Choose between low, medium and high settings. Eco Mode intelligently switches between fan and cooling settings to extend run times beyond what would usually be possible. The app will give you a estimated run time so you’ve got peace of mind you’ll stay cool. 3. Timer Mode Set EcoFlow Wave to run for a predetermined time. The unit will automatically turn off after your timer ends. 4. Fan Mode Use EcoFlow Wave in fan mode to keep air circulation high without using as much energy.

How do we price our bundles?

There are three prices for each bundle (Super-early bird, early bird, and pre-order). Each price is subject to a quantity limit. Therefore, a price match guarantee is not provided.