EcoFlow BLADE Robotic Lawn Mower Frequently Asked Questions

What should I know about cleaning and maintenance?

It's recommended that you monitor the condition of the cutting BLADEs and change them when needed. To clean BLADE, use a high-pressure water hose to wash the front and rear wheels, as well as the BLADEs. Do not point the high-pressure hose directly at the BLADEs. Wipe the camera and battery compartment with a soft cloth. When storing BLADE, ensure the battery is fully charged and place it in a well-ventilated place. Charge the battery every six months when not in use.

What should I take note of when mowing?

If the grass is too long, use a walk-behind mower to mow the grass to 80 mm or shorter. Remove any trash or animal waste in the grass before mowing. Pay attention to children and animals while mowing to avoid any injuries.

What should I take note of when creating a map?

If you use the remote control option when mapping, ensure that there is a gap of at least 15 cm from the boundary, turning points are at least 90° and that the slopes of boundaries do not exceed 15°. The boundaries of a map must be at least one meter from lakes and cliffs.

What should I take note of when upgrading?

Before upgrading, ensure that the charging station, antenna and the power cable are all connected and that BLADE is on the charging station. If you have purchased the Lawn Sweeper Kit, install this too before upgrading. During the upgrade process, do not tap "Restore to Factory Settings" in the app, press any buttons on BLADE, or move any components.

Mowing Mode

Mowing Mode has three speeds: Slow, Standard and Max. BLADE travels at 0.4/0.6/0.8 meters a second respectively.

Work mode settings

If you have the Lawn Sweeper Kit (accessory) you can set to either the Mowing Mode or Leaf Sweeping Mode.


When creating maps, you need to create a path to connect the two mapped areas. BLADE will mow the first area and then follow the path to mow the second area.

Multiple mapped areas

You can set up to two areas. You can set the front yard and back yard as two separate mapped areas for mowing. Subsequent firmware upgrades will support more mapped areas.

BLADE does not follow the specified route

Use the remote to return BLADE to the charging station and restart the mapping process Clear all obstacles from the lawn before mowing

BLADE is overshooting the mapped area

Use the remote to return BLADE to the charging station and restart the mapping process The slopes of boundaries cannot exceed 15° for mapping Please only mow dry lawns

Battery life is decreased

Promptly replace the battery More power will be needed. This is normal. You can increase the mowing frequency. More power will be needed. This is normal.

Firmware update failure

Check the connection and try again Move BLADE back to the charging station and try again Move BLADE back to the charging station and try again

Unable to map

Use the remote control to move BLADE to the start point and start mapping again Reduce the distance between the start and end points to less than 1 m Use the remote control to move BLADE to the start point and start mapping again

BLADE unable to obtain the best satellite signal

Install the GNSS antenna in a location where there is nothing to block the signal Connect the GNSS antenna to the charging station correctly Check the condition of the charging station cable Please ensure that BLADE and the GNSS antenna are close enough to one another

What should I do when the container is full?

When the container is full, the app will prompt that "Fallen leaves container is full. Please clean it timely". Please manually empty the leaves in the container, so that the mower can continue the cleaning task.

The rain detection triggered and my robotic lawn mower returns to the charging station even if it's not raining. Why?

1. Please regularly check whether there are foreign substances above the rain sensor. Please remove any foreign substance (if any) with a small brush; 2. If the sensor still cannot work normally after the foreign substances are removed, please contact the after-sales service for troubleshooting

Can the robotic lawn mower be connected to the EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery?

If the adapter plug specifications and electrical parameters are matched, the robotic lawn mower can be used normally with its AC adapter connected to the AC output of the EcoFlow Smart Extra Battery (such as River2, River Pro, River Mini, Delta, Delta Pro, Delta Max, Delta2 and others). The robotic lawn mower will be placed and used outdoors for a long time, so you are recommended to purchase a supporting off-grid battery solution.

How to check the serial number of the product?

There are 3 ways to check the serial number (SN): ① Check the packing box. An SN label is attached on the side of the packing box. ② After removing the battery compartment cover, and scan the QR code shown in the figure to check the SN. ③ Open the app and go to Settings to check it.

Can the robotic lawn mower work in the rain, snow, hail or fog?

The robotic lawn mower can work in the rain, but mowing in the rain is harmful to the health of the lawn. When mowing in the rain, the grass will attach to the equipment, and the robotic lawn mower is prone to skidding on the wet lawn. So please don't mow the lawn in severe weather conditions, such as heavy rain, thunderstorm or heavy snow.

What should I do when the wheel is stuck?

1. Check whether the wheel is stuck in sand, gravels and other soft ground or deep trench. In such a case, you can set the soft foundation as a No-go restricted zone in app, or fill the trench for a flat ground; 2. Check whether the tire is covered by a lot of soils, grass clippings and the like; 3. Check whether any foreign matter is stuck near the tire or the blade disc, and clean the tire and its accessories when necessary. If the wheel is damaged, please contact the after-sales service.