Anker SOLIX F1200 (PowerHouse 757) Frequently Asked Questions

Q1: What kind of solar charger can charge this product?

Any 11-30V solar charger with an XT-60 female connector.

Q2: How long can the power station charge my devices via the AC port?

You can use this formula to calculate this time. Multiply 0.8 by 1229 and then divide by the wattage of your device. Note, this formula only applies to devices with 300W or greater.

Q3: Why does the power station's battery drain even when no devices are connected?

When the AC and car socket control buttons are turned on, there will be a certain amount of no-load power consumption. To avoid this, make sure the AC and car socket control buttons are turned off. Or turn on Power Saving mode when not using it.

Q4: How should I store and maintain the product?

1. To preserve the battery lifespan, recharge it to 100% after every use.
2. Turn on Power Saving Mode and turn off all the buttons on PowerHouse.
3. We recommend recharging it to 100% every month.

Q5: What else should I pay special attention to?

1. We suggest using DC ports for small load devices (under 120W) to reduce the power consumption from the AC outlet. This will ensure longer use time.
2. To prevent recharging overload, make sure the AC input source is 1200W or more.