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Which BLUETTI Solar Generator Is Best For Me?

In 2021, the global solar generator market size was estimated at $478.1 million.

Between 2022 - 2026 the market is expected to grow by $240.13 million, making the CAGR 17.12%.

Any industry growing at a rate in the middle of 10% - 15% is considered good growth.

Now with that being said, the fact that you are here reading this article shows that you are interested in the industry and may be wondering which brand to go with.

One such brand leading the solar generator market is BLUETTI.

You can see that the demand for BLUETTI solar generators has soared in recent years, and for a good reason.

But this article is not here to convince you why you should choose BLUETTI as your solar generator brand.  

This article is for those of you who already know you are choosing BLUETTI but need help deciding which BLUETTI solar generator is best for you. 

Understanding Energy Capacity

The first step to choosing your solar generator is understanding energy capacity. All solar generators come with a rated energy capacity.

This is generally displayed as Watt Hours or Wh for short.

Put simply, a Watt Hour is the voltage of the battery multiplied by the amount of current that is provided for a certain amount of time (most commonly in hours).

Why is the energy capacity important? 

Watt Hours is possibly the single most important unit of measurement you should pay attention to when purchasing a solar generator. This is because it will determine how long your solar generator will be able to power certain appliances.

All BLUETTI solar generators have their energy capacity stated in the model name itself. 

For example, the AC200P -2000W / 2000Wh.

The same goes for all the other models we sell. You will always see the products energy capacity at first glance so that you know exactly what you are buying.

Understanding Power Rating

You may have noticed that in the above picture, there is 2000W and 2000Wh. So far, we have only covered what energy capacity means. But what does the W mean?

Well, the W or Wattage is also one of the most critical units you'll want to pay attention to.

The wattage of your solar generator will determine what it is allowed to power (safely).

Inside your solar generator, you have both a battery (the energy capacity) and an inverter (the power rating).

Where the battery determines how long you will be able to power appliances, the inverter determines what can be powered safely.

So, for example, say you buy a 500W / 500Wh solar generator and want to power a hair dryer.

On the back of your hair dryer (in fact, most appliances), you will notice a sticker.

On this sticker, check for the wattage rating of the appliances.
Hair dryers tend to have quite a high power rating, usually between 800 - 1800 watts.

Why is the power rating important? 

If your appliance is rated with a higher power rating than your solar generator, you will be unable to power that appliance. Your solar generator will simply not work. 

This is not a fault, but in fact, by design. Remember, a battery produces Direct Current (DC) electricity, and most home appliances require Alternating Current (AC) electricity. 

This means your solar generator needs to convert its energy from DC to AC in order to power your appliances, and it does this using the built-in inverter.  

Not all inverters are made equal. There are limits to the amount of power it can handle. Hence they come rated at different wattages.

Which BLUETTI Solar Generator Is Best For Me?

bluetti solar generator outdoor

In order to know which solar generator is best for you, you simply need to know what appliances you want to power. 

So make a list with those appliances, and highlight how long you will use each of them for and what their power ratings are. 

For example: 

Appliances   Wattage
Cell Phone  20
Laptop 60
Fan  35
Hair Dryer 800
Total 915


Ok, now we know that if we wanted to power these appliances altogether, we would need a solar generated rated above 915 watts.

More likely, though, you would power these appliances individually. Nevertheless, we still recommend choosing a solar generator that is at least capable of powering your most power-intensive appliances on the list. In this case, it is our hair dryer at 800 watts.

Next, we want to work out what energy capacity our generator should be. For that, we will add the usage time to our list and multiply it by the power rating of our appliances.  

Appliances   Wattage Usage Time Energy Capacity
Cell Phone  20 2 40
Laptop 60 3 180
Fan  35 5 175
Hair Dryer 800 1 800
Total 915 W 1195 Wh


Based on the table above we can see that if we were wanting to power all these devices for their stipulated time periods we would need a minimum solar generator size of 1000 W and 1200 Wh.

bluetti solar generator for home

Final Thoughts

Of course, creating a table like the one above provides only a rough indication of what BLUETTI solar generator is best for you.

But ultimately, you want to choose your generator based on the appliances you want to power.

Only need to power small appliances like your laptop and phone? Then a smaller solar generator is your best bet.

Need to power large household items like your refrigerator and stove?

Then you will need to invest in a much larger solar generator with the rated power and energy capacity to do so.

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