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What Is A Solar Generator

A solar generator can technically refer to a solar solution that combines a portable power station with solar panels. It converts sun energy captured by solar panels into electrical power and then stores it in a portable power station for later use. A solar generator is a reliable and clean power source for campers, RVs, or as an emergency backup if your power goes out.

How Solar Generators Work

Collect solar energy by placing the solar panels in direct sunlight.

Stores power in a lithium battery from a solar panel and releases stored energy.

 Power a wide variety of devices and appliances by releasing stored energy.

Jackery Solar Generator VS. Generator


Solar Power: Zero CO2e


Noise Level at 7m: 7dB

Easy to Use

Simply press the button to start the power station

Only Initial Cost

No extra cost on fuel and maintenance

Air Pollution

Gas or Oil Power: 500g/H CO2e


Noise at Level at 7m: 57dB

Hard to Set Up

High start up failure rate due to uncertain factors

Ongoing Cost

Continued increasing ownership cost on fuel and maintenance

during its lifetime

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Solar Generator For You

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