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US start-up unveils 3.6 kWh portable battery for independent power supply

The system can be expanded to a capacity of up to 25 kW. Its creator – U.S.-based start-up EcoFlow – has already collected almost €4 million on the Kickstarter crowdfunding platform for its portable power supply solution.

U.S.-based start-up EcoFlow this week presented its latest portable battery, for which it started a crowdfunding campaign on its Kickstarter platform.

According to the Californian company, the EcoFlow Delta Pro system can be expanded to a capacity of up to 25 kWh and can be fully charged in less than two hours. The device is claimed to be the first battery in the industry that can be linked to multiple energy sources. The emergency power consumption of an average family can be covered for a week with just one charge, according to the manufacturer.

The basic version of the portable battery has a capacity of 3.6 kWh, which can be increased to 10.8 kWh by coupling two additional batteries, the company stated. By linking it with other smart home products, the capacity can be increased to 12.5 kWh or 25 kWh, making the storage system an emergency power solution or suitable for an independent power supply.

EcoFlow names photovoltaics, wind power and gas as possible charging sources for its product. With the right accessories, the possible uses could be expanded and the home battery could be linked to several power sources and the power supply controlled.

In addition, charging of electric vehicles with up to 3,000 W is supported via the charging station, the EcoFlow Smart Home Panel, or via a 230 V socket. The input power can be increased to up to 6,000 W if the EcoFlow Delta Pro is connected to a “smart extra battery” and is additionally charged with a photovoltaic system and a “smart generator,” according to the U.S. company.

EcoFlow specifies the original AC output power is 3,600 W, which can be expanded to 7,200 W. Then the battery could also be used to supply devices such as refrigerators or air conditioning systems with electricity.

Within the first few hours of the presentation of the product, the portable home battery was ordered by 1,323 customers. By Thursday noon, more than €3.9 million had been raised. The funding target, of almost €85,000, has been exceeded by far.

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