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Mango Power Union VS EcoFlow DELTA PRO : Battle Of 2021 Power Stations

Mango Power Union VS EcoFlow DELTA PRO : Battle Of 2021 Power Stations

POSTED: MARCH 15, 2022

You may not have noticed with everything else going on, but over the past year portable power stations have become a hot topic of discussion. A ton of new products have come out recently from established brands like Jackery, EcoFlow, and Bluetti. A few have gotten their start via crowdfunding, like the Bluetti EP500 (5.1 kWh/3 kW) which generated 3.1M USD on Kickstarter in May and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro (3.6 kWh/3.6 kW) which is currently aiming for a July Kickstarter launch. There are some new players entering the market, as well, like the brand-new Mango Power Union (6.9 kWh/4 kW) which, according to its website, is supposed to hit Indiegogo in August. Today, we’re going to take a deep dive into two of these – the Mango Power Union and the EcoFlow DELTA Pro – to see how they stack up against each other.

Neither of these power stations have officially launched yet, so all the specs in this article come from their respective websites. EcoFlow Delta Pro in here and Mango Power Union right here.

Before jumping in, it’s important to note that the Mango Power Union integrates both a portable power station and a larger home module into a single device, so it’s not a completely apples to apples comparison next to the EcoFlow DELTA Pro. Nonetheless, for anyone in the market for a power station in 2021, this side-by-side look should be helpful.



The entire Mango Power Union boasts an impressive 6.9 kWh capacity while its detachable module – the so-called “Power Move” – clocks in with 2.3 kWh. Both use high class EV Polymer NCM Battery Cells that have 38% greater energy density, and are capable of operating in a broader range of temperatures than traditional LFP cells. 

The EcoFlow DELTA Pro’s 3.6 kWh capacity beats out the Power Move, but can’t compare to the complete Mango Power Union package. EcoFlow has not yet released the exact details of its battery cell, but we assume it will deliver greater capacity than its predecessor.



The Mango Power Union can be expanded to up to 10 devices operating in parallel for a whopping 69 kWh and 40 kW output. The EcoFlow, on the other hand, supports a respectable scalability up to 6 devices. If users include an expandable battery pack, the completed configuration should deliver a total of 25 kWh. No information about the output capability. 



When scaled to its full size (6 devices in parallel) the EcoFlow claims 13 days of emergency home power or 20 hours of daily use. Mango Power has not yet mentioned specifics for their potential backup time, but have suggested their device could power a home for weeks in the event of an outage. This seems to be a realistic claim for users who purchase the maximum 10 devices for 69 kWh capacity.

If a user was limited to only one unit of either device, though, the Mango Power Union (6.9 kWh) would win hands down against the EcoFlow DELTA Pro (3.6 kWh).



The Mango Power Union has greater battery capacity per unit and greater scalability potential.

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