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Mango Power Joins CES As It Achieves USD700,000 In Sales For Its Mango Power Union

The company’s home-and-portable battery has proved extremely popular amongst Indigogo backers

Newark, California Jan 6, 2022 (  - Mango Power, a new challenger brand in the home and portable battery space, is joining the 2022 Consumer Electronics Show (CES) being held until Friday in Las Vegas after a successful launch of its first-ever product, the Mango Power Union.

According to the brand, this innovative home-and-portable battery has succeeded in achieving its consumer sales goal. Steve Wang, CEO of Mango Power, comments: “Our initial goal for the Mango Power Union Indiegogo launch campaign was USD20,000. However, the 700,000 figure has totally surpassed our expectations. We are looking forward to bringing even more products to the market, promoting more efficient ways of storing energy, contributing to a greener future”. 


Heavy-Duty capacity in a smart design: Meet Mango Power Union

Mango Power Union has been called “groundbreaking” and “extremely interesting” by its followers due to its very innovative design. The battery scene is usually made of either home, or portable, products that come in a very industrial design. However, Mango Power Union’s dashing looks combine one of the largest capacities in the market with a smart and safe detachable design able to provide consumers with both home and portable battery experiences.

Steve Wang adds, “consumers in North America have really good feedback about the design of the product, we are the most productive of our mUnion technology, which helps keep both the static and detachable products safely connected and take them apart with no risks at all. Power outages are becoming more frequent, and so is the consideration for green energy options, so the need for strong backup plans is growing rapidly”.

While the Union’s upper and detachable module, the Power Move, is a grab-and-go battery that gives users more than enough energy for any outdoor adventure, the station itself has a maximum battery capacity of 6.9 KWh, a power output of 4.35 KW, and is expandable to up to 10 interconnected unit, providing together one of the most heavy-duty battery experiences in the market.

This combination of portability, heavy-duty power delivery, and ease of use make the Mango Power Union significantly different from any other modular portable power station currently on the market. When the ever-common power outages in America hit, users can make use of the main module alone or attach the power move to bring 4,350W//6,900WH emergency power to the family, enabling devices such as refrigerators, kitchens, heating or aircons to work as usual.


A new product on the pipeline: The Mango Power “E”

After the success of its Mango Power Union, the company is now launching a new product. The Mango Power “E” is revealed to be the first and only energy storage product so far with a 5-year battery cell warranty, a testament to its high quality.

The modular Mango-Power E is a 3550W (3.55kWh) battery that can be connected to the home circuit and provide backup power to the home circuits. The product will be certified to meet US, International Safety, and EMI Standards as the company prepares further steps for its launch. A maximum of 2 units can be connected at the same time to provide a total 7.1 kWh capacity. The product can be charged by AC Wall Outlet, Solar Panel, or through EV car charger. As it’s customary in Mango Power products, the Mango Power E will come equipped with Bluetooth and Wi-Fi, adding smart capabilities to the device and allowing users to receive real-time information on the status of the product.


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